A detailed, optimised bike fit can unlock your potential for better cycling. A bike fit delivers advantages by optimising your position, we fit you on your current bike mounted in a turbo trainer. Based on your individual physiology and biomechanics we find the optimal position that allows you to operate efficiently.
We accept pain as a result of effort in the saddle, it can be that type of sport. Pain shouldn't derive from your bike itself: you should be comfortable, able to function. We focus closely on areas where you have previously experienced pain and seek to understand the causes and address them.
We use technology to aid the analysis and capture and examine motion in detail, however technology alone doesn’t create a bike fit. It assists and illustrates and generates data that we can use to get the best result in a bike fit.


Our fit is detailed and comprehensive, completely specific to you. A bike fit takes two and a half to three hours. We want you to ride more efficiently, more comfortably and to help you stay injury-free. Our fit process is designed to get the best for you on the bike moving towards your goals and objectives and your future events. Some detail:
    We build a picture of you, your cycling background, the type of riding you do or want to do, as well as your sports background and your goals. We’ll ask about any problems you currently have with your cycling, and details of previous injuries.
    Fundamentally the aim is to establish how your individual anatomy affects and impacts your position on the bike. Observation, measurement and assessment of your flexibility and ranges of motion help us to understand how these characteristics affect your riding. Particular attention is paid to your feet - having you cleats set correctly is key to improved pedalling dynamics, performance and comfort.
    You will be on your bike for up to an hour with constant adjustments and coaching on posture and pedalling technique if required. Your cleats will be adjusted for best foot and overall alignment. The saddle will be selected for comfort and pelvic support based on your feedback and our observation. Avoiding pain is a major objective of the fit. We will be looking for underlying causes from your bike position, set-up and history. We record multiple measurements of the bike’s set up: before, during and after the fit process.
    We will be finding your optimum position based on observation with you on your bike and based on the physical assessments and your reaction to interventions during the fitting process. We record video using Dartfish motion capture software, it helps us to analyse facets of cycling motion and it lets us illustrate changes to you. We will show you where adjustments can be made to the bike set-up and we’ll set the saddle and handlebar positions. Measurements taken from landmarks on your body are used to evaluate as well as record and document the fitted position, these include knee extension, hip closure, ankling range, body mass representation, arm position and arm flexion.
    At the conclusion of the bike fit your position data will have been determined and recorded and you will have been filmed with Dartfish motion capture. We will have made component and frame recommendations (when relevant) for you and we will have set-up your bike based on the fitting data. Your bike’s original and new positional data will be sent to you for your records and kept on file.
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A bike fit finds the optimal position for the rider based on a his/her personal physiology and biomechanics. 14 key measurements are made of the bike’s set up: before, during and after the fit process. Measurements taken from landmarks on the cyclists body are used to evaluate and record the fitted position, these include knee extension, hip closure, ankling range, body mass representation, arm position and arm flexion. Through observation and motion capture, measurements are taken in the lateral view and sagittal plane to optimise the fit. Image here is from Dartfish Motion Capture with angles & references for illustration.

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