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Dave Curl, Precision Bicycle Works owner
Hello, I’m Dave Curl. Smitten with the bicycle at age 3, I still love bikes and cycling. I gained my experience working on many bikes, riding and racing. Nowadays my passion links into my two bike businesses. In 2009, for bike servicing, I founded The Bike Repair Man, it’s been busy and successful. Before starting Precision Bicycle Works in 2014, I trained with bike fitting experts, Cyclefit, the founders of which have exemplary knowledge and experience at pro and world levels.
I see bike fitting as a true enabler - allowing cyclists to get more from their cycling. It all boils down to that. It’s great to solve the problems that can come along with cycling and understand how that has increased the comfort, performance or fun factors. It’s often a struggle but I strive to find the time to get out on the bike, whether it’s on the road or off it, there’s never a time that I don’t love it. Besides the benefit of fitness, it means I still grow my appreciation of the motivation that my customers have.


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